who we are

There are six organisations involved in the Alter Citizens Project. These are Access Info Europe - based in Spain, AITEC - based in France, Environmental Law Service - based in the Czech Republic, Friends of the Earth Europe - based in Belgium, Health Action International - based in the Netherlands, and SpinWatch - based in the UK. You will find links to each organisation's website on the right.

The Alter Citizens project is a partnership between varying organisations specialising in health, environment and the regulation of lobbying, with the central aim behind the project being to increase the transparency of the EU and to allow for greater and more meaningful public participation in EU decision-making.

The Alter Citizens Project will serve to bring the voices of EU citizens to decision makers, and will strive to create a two-way dialogue between public officials and members of the public. Groups of citizens from the multiplicity of events being held on the national level by the project partners will be invited on a trip to Brussels to visit the EU buildings and meet officials at the EU Citizens central event.

From workshops about the EU's role in water and shale exploitation at the Alternative World Water Forum in Marseille 2012, to scoping meetings in the Czech Republic for the creation of civil society coalitions, the variety of activities carried out under this project will empower citizens to claim their right to participate as equals in the European Union. The central event will be held in Brussels on 16 November 2012, at which citizens from the countries participating in the EU Citizens project will finally come together to share experiences and to make recommendations for increasing the participation of citizens in the decision-making of the European Union.
> access info europe
Access Info is a human rights organisation dedicated to the right of access to information in Europe as a tool for defending civil liberties and human rights, for facilitating public participation in decision-making and for holding governments accountable.
> aitec
The overall vision of AITEC is to establish a refusal of the technical “diktats” and to give political debate its importance back on different themes, including: housing access, public services, access to rights and democracy, financing for development, Trade and development.
> environmental law service
We are a public interest law organisation. In the long term, our aim is to promote systemic changes that address connection between politics and business. We support and strengthen government accountability and transparency through public debate, providing arguments, analysis and policy options.
> friends of the earth europe
Friends of the Earth Europe campaigns for sustainable and socially just societies, and increased public participation. Greater democracy is both an end in itself and is vital to the protection of the environment and the sound management of natural resources.
> health action international
Health Action International (HAI) is an independent, global network working to increase access to essential medicines and improve their rational use through research excellence and evidence-based advocacy.
> spinwatch
Spinwatch is an independent non-profit making organisation which monitors the role of public relations and spin in contemporary society. Spinwatch was founded in 2004 and promotes greater understanding of the role of PR, propaganda and lobbying.